Group Booking hostel in Tamraght

Are you six or more people traveling together? Our hostel in Tamraght is yours new house in Morocco.

You can privatize one or two dormitories or why not, book the whole hostel.

V&D Tamraght Surfers Hostel caters for group bookings up to 18 travelers and can provide some additional services according to your needs such as yoga classes, surf classes and trips.

We are open all-year-round to groups booked in advance with substantial discounts available for off-season bookings between May and September.


Please write us an email for a price quote for group reservations.

Exclusive Hostel Rental in Tamraght

If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, we offer the opportunity to book the whole hostel, from group bookings to weekend breaks, special parties, work events and even yoga retreats.


Min stay 2 nights

Please write us an email for a price quote for exclusive hostel rental


Book with us

We have the best price for your Group

Activities around Tamraght great for groups

Surf Lessons with one of the bests surf schools in Tamraght.

Yoga and meditation classes

Explore the area by a camel or with a quad



V&D Tamraght Surfers Hostel is a lifestyle hostel in Tamraght for surfers and backpackers.

Be sure to check out our Female Only Dorm, Mixed Dorm or Male Only Dorms to see some of the possibilities.

Hay Tissaliouine

80023 Tamraght, Morocco

Tel. +212 627 81 22 68


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Check-In: Until 10:00 PM

Check-Out: Before 11:00 AM

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